March 26, 2012

Things im gonna miss from my ex-town

22 days ago i moved from Heidelberg to Düsseldorf.I like it a lot better here and im abso-freakin-lutely happy i took the decision.But still theres a few things Im gonna miss about Heidelberg.

1.Friends and people i was use to having in my life
2.University,lessons and campus

3.Student parties (bad organized & ugly places & cheap beer & drunk & lots of fun)

4.Drinking in random places cuz as students we gotta save money

5.The town (Hauptstraße, Schloss, fave places to party,fave places to eat)

5.Last and least, being a geology student


1 comment:

  1. From Belgium. Nice photos. We like Greece.
    We'll go in Crete next summer. Where is this hot spring ?