March 11, 2012

A change of heart

 Sometimes in life things dont come like u planed or like u hoped they would.Everybody should remember that bearable or fine is not enough, try to find ur absolute happiness.There is a place,some people, some things that are supposed to be in ur life and make it almost perfect.Dare to search for ur place on earth and only settle down when u r completely sure that this is it, everything i have is enough for a happy life. It takes courage to decide that this is not the town u want to live for the next years and you dont want to see ur future here, but i felt like i couldnt compromise anymore and being alright wasnt enough, i wanted more, i needed more.So here i am, in a big city, where i always wanted to live starting a new life and trying to find what im destined to find.Im extremely happy about my decision and although its just the beginning i can tell that things will go great, cause they have to and im gonna fight for it.I'm so excited and i feel like i can do so many things, they are so many opportunities in such an amazing city and im so lucky and blessed with the best family+friends i could have.

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