February 10, 2012

A food post

Hey there! I'd like to share with you two great super easy recipes.

The first one is mushrooms with tomato (or even better cherry tomatos) and mozzarella.Not much to explain, i think the pictures do the job.
 Just chop the tomatos and fill the mushrooms with it and place mozzarella pieces and anything else u want (basilikum, salt, pepper) on top.Oven for 15min at 200°

The second recipe is healthy vegetable tofu burgers.What u need:
500g vegetable, such as zucchini,carots,corn, paprika
200g tofu
1 egg
60g flour
25g bread crumbs
garlic & onion (as much as you want, i didnt use any cuz kinda hate them)
salt, pepper, basilikum and whateva else u want/have to spice it up
oil for frying pan
Here it goes:
Grate veggies and brake tofu with fingers.
Add the rest of the ingredients and mix them.Should be enough for 6-7 burgers.
 You can eat the burgers just like that or in bread with whateva else u want.
This was the result.Yummy yummy.

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