January 6, 2012

Last day

 After 2 weeks of X-mas holidays in our hometown Nati had to leave.So we decided to spent the last 24h together.Sleepover and a trip to a bigger town for shopping,fun,food and Ben&Jerrys.Here r some photos of our day.:)
Natassa in Heraklio
D at Starbucks drinking a delicious toffee nut coffee
Nati and yellow hansaplast ^^

D at Goodys.for those who arent from Greece, Goodys are like the greek Mc.and i got this cute little thing with my meal
      N & D
Later the same day i had to say goodbye to my best friend.Was really hard, dont remember it being so hard the other times.Worst part is i dont know when im gonna see her again but will do anything for it to be before summer.Maybe a nice trip somewhere or just me visiting her in Athens.Will miss u baaadly my sticker sis.
xoxo, D

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