January 8, 2012

Get to know Dione a little better

1. What is your ideal holiday?
I really enjoy goin around a beautiful big city with a couple of good friends and a travel guide in my hands,walking all day long and visiting everything that is interesting.

2.  What is your favourite movie and why?
I have two favorite movies.The first one is The Notebook.I never thought i would fall in love with a romance film and despite its simplicity its a wonderful film that can touch everyone.The second one is Mr.Nobody.Staring one of the hotest ppl alive, Jared Leto :) Its a really clever and interesting movie.

3. What do you usually do on a normal day?
Wake up early, shower, go to uni for a few hours and then find an excuse to go to town and shop.And ofc spent many hours on the internet,watch series or invite friends over.

4. What would you do if you had 1 million Euros?
First go on holiday and shopping, then buy a nice house if i knew where i want to stay for the next few years.I would also start my own business so i can stay rich and donate an amount to charity.

5.What is your biggest dream?
My biggest dream is something that could actually come true.: live in London where my sticker sister also will be living and have an amazing beautiful family and a job that makes me happy (and rich).The most important thing would be to feel succesful, be great in my future job and a good mother,wife and best friend.

(Questions by N.and hers were by me)

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