January 27, 2012

latest jewelry and accessory buys

Hello there.Just thought to show u guys some things i got the last 2 weeks or so.Here we go:

Im against of even fake fur but this kind of hats are really cute so couldnt resist.Also have to confess i bought something made out of leather, the two bracelets, although i decided that i will completely avoid it like 6 years ago or sth.But i was looking for leather stud bracelets for quiete a long time.and got just another pair of gloves.
I'm pretty sure its completely weird and wrong to wear a mini wedding ring as a necklace and dont want to know what people will think about it.but i find it completely adorable and its silver so i got it without overthinking it.The 2012  necklace was a gift from Nati and im hoping it will bring me luck.:3
Rings are a huge addiction.I feel naked if I'm not wearing any.The 3 first from left are a set from h&m, the lovely forever one from accessorize and the other two from six.

So thats it for now.

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