January 11, 2012

Fav Series 2011-2012

Im kinda addicted to series.So addicted that i watch the episodes as soon as they r online.Heres a list with my fav this year.
Loved Zooey long ago New Girl.Its my absolute fav this season.Its about a as-said-above adorkable girl that moves in with some guys after her breakup.Super interesting charakters.
For another season, Grey's anatomy stays in the top of my list.Emotional emotional.Please please keep making more seasons, this cant be the last.
 How can you not love it?Amazing strong charakters and awesome humor

Another series that premiered this season.Max is amazing.Must see.

Im so happy that since last season Blair is the main charakter and not Serena, Leighton Meester is an idol.And ofc its hard to not be totally charmed by Chuck.
To be honest this season of 90210 isnt as exciting as the ones before, but its still pretty good.
Like always funny and fun.

Family guy and The Cleveland show.Pure genius
Last but not least Vampire diaries.
What r ur fav series this season and what do u think of the above?

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